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Liberty Mortgage

Liberty Mortgage Solutions is a highly experienced team of mortgage broker with knowledge of the ever changing industry of residential real estate finance. Brokering hundreds of mortgages every year, we provide the most up to date advice and information regarding your home financing needs. This is especially important in recent times with the constant change to qualifying rules, lending guidelines and product availability We offer standard mortgage pre-approvals as well as Unpublished Rate Specials, long term rate holds for new builds AND construction draw financing for you new home


MKL Architecture & Design

MKL Residential Architecture & Design is a custom design firm with a passionate attention to detail, sharp design instincts, and a national reputation for collaborating with top notch builders while creating impactful spaces. With over 26 years of experience, and a full-spectrum of expertise, they have mastered the art of designing and executing a wide range of timeless projects that are still relevant many years later.


Cuthbert Smith Group

Cuthbert Smith Group Inc. are independent Professional Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Management Consultants providing construction cost consulting services in Western Canada from its offices in Edmonton and Calgary Alberta.